Holden Finance Macksville

Geoff King Eastland provides a variety of finance and insurance options to help get you on the road quicker. Our friendly finance department will ensure you get the right balance and, if you're eligible, get you into the car you are after without leaving the dealership.


  • Terms range from 12 to 84 months.
  • Interest Rate is fixed for the term of the loan as are your repayments.
  • You can pay your loan via the convenient method of Direct Debit or BPAY.
  • You can make a deposit to the transaction of any amount.
  • Payments can be made as often as you like (i.e. Weekly, Fortnightly) via the BPAY method.
  • Other costs associated with the purchase can be financed on the contract (like, Comprehensive Insurance, registration and on-road costs).
  • You can specify a larger final payment (known as a balloon).
  • Approvals - Loans can be approved in less than 1 hour.


  • Payments can be structured to suit your individual needs, with your budget and cash flow taken into consideration.
  • With a fixed interest rate you are protected against the market fluctuations.
  • More frequent payments reduce your interest charges and the term of your loan.
  • By financing other costs and insurance you can preserve your cash for other purposes.
  • A deposit will reduce your repayments and your interest charges by reducing the amount borrowed.
  • A Balloon payment has the effect of lowering your regular monthly payments and making your car more affordable.
  • GST: GST is not payable on any part of the Consumer Loan transaction however may be payable on the purchase price of the vehicle or other items like Insurance.

Imagine the inconvenience of being without your vehicle? Could you afford costly repairs, or replacing your vehicle altogether?

Geoff King Eastland provides a range of personal and business insurance solutions for you and your vehicle.

At Geoff King Eastland we understand that your vehicle is a critical part of your life. When you take out your insurance you can choose the level of cover that is appropriate to your vehicle.

Contact one of our Business Managers today to discuss your options.